Sandra Mur - Bekaert

Sandra Mur - Bekaert

Co-owner & Canine behavioural therapist

“I want to keep the knowledge and skill Levels as high as possible”

When I was young I already knew I wanted to work with animals, and after first doing something else, I now do. I am the proud co-owner of DogTalk and enjoy to support dog owners by raising and help train their dog every day.

I can get very happy to see puppies and their owners grow and I see dogs that have behavioural problems as a challenge. We will find the right training method with which we can handle the undesired behaviour or can make it go away completely.

I am not only a kynologisch instructeur (canine instructor) I am also a kynologisch gedragstherapeut  (canine behavioural therapist) and I want to keep our knowledge and skill levels as high as possible.

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