DogTalk makes dog and owner have the same line of vision. We will support and guide you and your dog on the basis of attention, trust and cooperation.

Attention for both dog and owner, the family situation and the desired situation. Attention for you as a customer.

Trust in us a professionals. Trust in your dog and most importantly: the trust a dog has in its owner.

Cooperation with us and with your dog.

We strive to wellbeing the welfare of the dog and owner by sharing our knowledge of doggie language. We therefore share our knowledge, train, and we inform the owners so you can guide your dog in every (home) situation in a responsible, safe and pleasant way.


The trainings DogTalk offers are practice-oriented; we work on situations you can come across both at home and in the streets. That is why we train at different locations, i.e. the forest shopping centres and bus stations and of course the basic skills such as follow, sit, down and come will be discussed.

Home situations; i.e. to make the dog get out of the dog crate quietly, walk to the door calmly and let the leash be put on, sit when the car door opens, and wait and sit at a traffic light. Every desired situation can be addressed because we work with small groups, so that personal input is possible.

Dog language, learn to read it.

Dog language: each lesson includes a theoretical explanation to explain the perception and mind-set of your dog. We will let you experience how dog language works by doing exercises.

Relationship building: we pay close attention to the relationship between you and your dog, and by doing different games / exercises with your dog the relationship will be improved. Your dog will focus more on you and is therefore easier to handle, he will see you as a safe haven and will not be afraid to discover the world with you.

DogTalk stands for professionalism, passion and conviction. Your dog will be our responsibility at times and we take that very seriously. The welfare of the dog is paramount at all times, this is one of the reasons we don’t use aversive training methods, we use dog friendly and reward-based training techniques to make your dog is an obedient and cheerful pet.