Ilonka Duker

Ilonka Duker

Canine instructor

Learn from eachother and with eachother

My name is Ilonka Duker and I live in Amstelveen with my two children (15 and 13 years old) and two dogs and two cats. I work at Albert Heijn during the day and I work as a canine instructor for DogTalk in the evenings and in weekends.

I have always loved dogs since I was very young, and I always wanted to have one. Unfortunately both my parents worked full time so a dog wasn’t an option. When I lived on my own and also worked full time I decided that having cats was a better idea. I started working part time after I had my children and when my children got older and more independent I felt it was time to get a dog.


The first one we had was Sjonnie, a pinscher mix from Germany. He was an absolute adorable puppy but later started to dislike other dogs and exhibit problematic behaviour when he got older. This is why I got into contact with DogTalk!

We went to weekly courses for years, not really because he needed all of the courses, but also because it was fun! Every time we learned from each other and with each other. I slowly started to teach other people instead of things being taught to me, that is when I decided to follow a course to become a canine instructor.

Now Sjonnie has a girlfriend from Crete called Milly. They are a strange, but fun and energetic couple of dogs!