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Where we pick up dogs:
Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Aalsmeer, Uithoorn
and more areas

1 walk                                                            €18,90
1 walk (2 dogs from the same family)    € 31,90

Dog Walking service

Safe and reliable


DogTalk also has a professional dog walking service. In case; you sometimes do not have enough time to walk your dog, he is home alone during the day, you have to work unexpectedly, go away for a day, or you just want your dog to have fun and play with other dogs, you can let us walk him.


We walk dogs Monday through Friday. The dogs can go with us occasionally, whenever you need us to or at set days. There is a special small dog group every Wednesday morning. What can you expect from the dog walking service?

  • We first want to meet you so you know who will walk your dog and so that we can discuss personal needs and habits.
  • We will discuss our general conditions and sign a sleutelovereenkomst, or agreement.
  • Your dog will go on a walk as a test to see if he / she fits into the group and, most importantly, to see if the dog enjoys it.
  • We prefer to plan the walks at least a week in advance, but if we have a key to your house it is possible to make an appointment for a walk before 09.00 in the morning.
  • We pick up your dog with suitable transport. (A bus which is mechanically ventilated and equipped with various safe cages). It is also possible for us to pick up or return the dog at your place of work if it is within the area we work.
  • The dogs are always under the guidance of trained professionals, all employees have at least had a training as canine instructors and has a dog first aid certificate.
  • We let the dogs play in small groups in our “Hondenspeeltuin” (dog playground) for at least 60 minutes.
  • The dog will be brought back home and given food or water in case we talked about that.

Dog playground

DogTalk hondenspeeltuin: we have a big fenced off area of half a hectare. This is designed as a dog playground; with plenty of room to run, dig and play. This area is ideal for all dogs and especially for dogs that do not listen very well or for dogs who run off and / or have a hunting instinct. Your dog can enjoy itself because of the secure gated environment. We keep an eye on them and make sure they do not get into trouble. The dogs will be at the dog playground at least 1.5 hours, and sometimes longer if the weather allows us to. That means your dog will be away from home for at least 3 to 4 hours, and most of the time will be spent outside.


We pick up dogs from Amstelveen, Uithoorn, Aalsmeer, Amsterdam Buitenveldert.

Are you looking for a skilled and flexible dog walking service / dogwalker who will inform you about the adventures your dog had? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

You can also check our Facebook page to learn more about the dog walking service.