to be determined

Behavioural consultation           €165,-
(60 min)
incl report and treatment plan
excl travel costs

Training/guidance                      €80,-
(45- 60 min)
excl travel costs

Behavioural therapy

Brings back joy in living together with your dog

Apply for behavioural consultation

You can apply for a behavioural consultation by email, by telephone or replyform, and of course you can ask for more information.

We will send you a detailed questionnaire to identify the behaviour, it will give us a lot of information so that we can start the therapy as soon as possible.

behavioural consultation

We will schedule an appointment for a behavioural consultation after we have received the questionnaire. During this consultation we will discuss the behaviour of your dog at your house (or anywhere you please); how it started, the expectations and, if possible, we would like to see the behaviour ourselves. During the consultation you can already get some practical tips. The behavioural consultation will take between 60-90 minutes.

Report and treatment plan

We will write a report on our findings and you will receive a treatment plan after the consultation. You can start working on changing the behaviour with this treatment plan. Of course it is also possible to work under our guidance or further train at the dog school. We will discuss the various possibilities during the consultation.

Do not hesitate and ask our help, take the first step towards a happy and relaxed life with your dog.

Travel costs: No travel costs for the first 15 kilometres from Amstelveen, beyond that travel costs will be 0,30 cents per kilometre.